Services - Automation-as-a-service

Our monthly subscription service blends strategic planning with practical implementation, guaranteeing that your business not only adjusts to the worldwide trend towards automation but also thrives in it.

We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

Our service automates your essential operations, freeing you up to focus on making strategic decisions and building meaningful relationships.

  • CRM Automation & More.
    • Seamless updates across multiple CRMs (Airtable, Google Sheets, HubSpot, and any platform with an API).
    • Elevate operational efficiency by automating routine tasks.
  • AI-Driven Data Enrichment & Local Model Support.
    • Utilize custom email addresses for automatic saving and tracking of interactions with founders and partners.
    • Analyze deals and briefings with AI, providing you with insights to make informed decisions swiftly.
    • Leverage both OpenAI and local open-source models (as an add-on) for in-depth deal and briefing analysis.
  • Portfolio & Application Process Management.
    • Offer a dynamic portal for operational tracking or provide founders with a resource-rich platform.
    • Simplify application processes by integrating them directly into your CRM system.
  • Automation Strategy & Implementation.
    • Collaborate to develop and execute a personalized automation roadmap.
    • Tackle a backlog of automation projects, streamlining your business processes for unmatched efficiency.
  • Unlimited Support & Workflow Design.
    • Receive continuous support through email or directly within Slack/Teams, tailored to your subscription plan.
    • Benefit from bespoke workflow strategy and design, merging systems thinking with automation to eliminate operational inefficiencies.
  • Documentation, Monitoring, & Maintenance.
    • Access clear, concise process documentation for easy team adoption and training.
    • Enjoy ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure automation systems are optimized and error-free.

How we optimize your processes

From planning through execution, our process supports your complete automation journey, focusing on one business area at a time.


We conduct thorough consultations with stakeholders to review existing tools and processes, developing a tailored automation strategy that meets your business goals.


Using advanced code and no-code technologies, we craft tailored automations, working closely with your team during testing to guarantee an ideal integration.


Our involvement doesn’t end at deployment. We continue to optimize your automations and enhance their functionality to keep pace with your business's growth.

Continuous improvement

After implementing a solution, we work with you to identify and prioritize the next area of focus, ensuring significant impact, whether in a deeper exploration of the current area or expanding to a new department.

Transform your operations with world class tools

We have created several tools to help investors spot the best opportunities and manage their portfolio.

Ready to automate your processes with AI and technology?

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