Systems Automations and AI
for VCs and Family Offices

Transform your manual operations, with seamless integrations, AI-driven insights, and comprehensive portfolio management. Get time back to focus on making strategic decisions and building meaningful relationships.

Services - We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

Our service automates your essential operations, freeing you up to focus on making strategic decisions and building meaningful relationships.

  • CRM Automation & More.
    • Seamless updates across multiple CRMs (Airtable, Google Sheets, HubSpot, and any platform with an API).
    • Elevate operational efficiency by automating routine tasks.
  • AI-Driven Data Enrichment & Local Model Support.
    • Utilize custom email addresses for automatic saving and tracking of interactions with founders and partners.
    • Analyze deals and briefings with AI, providing you with insights to make informed decisions swiftly.
    • Leverage both OpenAI and local open-source models (as an add-on) for in-depth deal and briefing analysis.
  • Portfolio & Application Process Management.
    • Offer a dynamic portal for operational tracking or provide founders with a resource-rich platform.
    • Simplify application processes by integrating them directly into your CRM system.
  • Automation Strategy & Implementation.
    • Collaborate to develop and execute a personalized automation roadmap.
    • Tackle a backlog of automation projects, streamlining your business processes for unmatched efficiency.
  • Unlimited Support & Workflow Design.
    • Receive continuous support through email or directly within Slack/Teams, tailored to your subscription plan.
    • Benefit from bespoke workflow strategy and design, merging systems thinking with automation to eliminate operational inefficiencies.
  • Documentation, Monitoring, & Maintenance.
    • Access clear, concise process documentation for easy team adoption and training.
    • Enjoy ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure automation systems are optimized and error-free.

Transform Your Operations with Precision Automation

Join the forefront of VCs and family offices choosing innovation for a brighter, more efficient future.

Integrating Easy and Logic's automation solutions has revolutionized how we manage data and interact with our portfolio companies. Their support for local model execution has given us the edge we needed.

Larissa, Head of platform at a VC Firm

Frequently asked questions

What do we bring to your table?

Imagine having a partner who’s as invested in your efficiency as you are in your success. We offer tailored automation for VCs and family offices, from CRM fine-tuning to deep data insights. Our passion? Crafting solutions that fit you perfectly.

Why choose us?

I’ve been in this game for 3 years, crafting over 1000 automation processes for funds. This isn’t just my job; it’s my craft. I bring a wealth of experience to ensure you spend less time on manual tasks and more on what truly matters.

Ready to start?

Jumping in is easy. Reach out, and let’s talk about what you need. Whether it’s integrating CRMs or setting up AI models, we’ll map out a plan that’s all about boosting your productivity.

How do we roll?

It’s a journey we take together. Starting with a chat about your goals, we’ll craft a roadmap, set up the tech, and fine-tune as we go. And I’m with you all the way, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

Post-setup support?

Of course. Our relationship doesn’t end with deployment. I’m here for the tweaks, updates, or any questions you have. Think of me as your go-to for keeping things smooth and efficient.

Not sure where to start?

If the idea of automation seems daunting, or if you're not sure what needs fixing, don't worry. We begin with a thorough analysis to identify the "aspirins" — the tasks that take up most of your time or cause the most headaches. From there, we prepare a roadmap focused on alleviating these pains, prioritizing solutions that tackle these issues directly rather than just adding "vitamins" that might be nice to have but don't solve the core problems. It's all about making your day-to-day smoother and more efficient.

Concerned about additional tool costs?

We build and implement the automation solutions using cutting-edge AI, but it's important to note that the cost of the tools required for these automations will be your responsibility. However, we understand the importance of budgeting and will provide you with an approximate cost for these tools beforehand. This way, there are no surprises, and you can plan your investment with clarity and confidence.

What's the price?

The standard plan costs $4000, and there can be added addons like local IA models or more than 1 simultaneous request.

Book your free consultation now and discover investment automation. Try it with us!